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For the woman of today, the world has a lot to offer in terms of healthcare services and hygiene products. However, not every product is made taking into consideration the impact it may have on the woman’s health as well as on the environment.

The Period Hub brings for you the perfect hygiene products that not only look after your needs, but after the environment’s needs, as well!


The Period Hub has created period products that come in two kinds:

a) Reusable sanitary napkins, and
b) Compostable sanitary napkins.

a) Reusable Sanitary napkins:

These are manufactured using layers of cotton fabric. These are skin-friendly, do not contain any chemicals and do not give you rashes.

These pads are pocket-friendly, too. Each pad can take 50 washes, and protects you well during the first two days when you generally experience a heavy flow.

These pads come in two sizes: Medium and large.

Cleaning methods:

Clean the pads thoroughly under running water and then soak it in detergent water. It helps using hot water for soaking because it ensures the termination of all the germs. Either that or drying it in sunlight, will make sure the pads are completely clean and hygienic.

b) Compostable pads:

These one-time use pads are free from synthetic gel, plastic base and are non-woven. These pads are made from highly absorbent 100% cotton fabric for the top layer and a layer of unbleached cotton (grey fabric) as the bottom layer.

These pads are tear-resistant, and leak-proof, thanks to the vegetable base as the leak-proof layer instead of the plastic layer.

You can dispose of them easily without hurting your conscience. The lack of plastic in these pads ensures they get composted quickly and easily.

c) Panty liners:

The Period Hub brings for you a range of panty liners that absorb daily vaginal discharge, sweat and even light period flow. Made from 100% cotton fabric, these panty liners are best for daily use.

All you need to do is wash them in the washing machine along with your other intimate wear and they are ready to use again!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make the switch from the sanitary pads that you have been using to these skin-friendly, eco-friendly sanitary pads that take care of not just your skin and the environment, but also your monthly budget?