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PMS and period pains can ruin a good day, reduce productivity and affect our mental health, as well. Be it physical or mental, the stress caused during periods can leave us feeling uncomfortable, unfit and unwell.

The Period Hub has formulated special oils that have been used since ancient times to soothe your senses and balance your chakras.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans, the Indus valley civilization, the Macedonians and the Egyptians have all made use of these oils and benefitted from them as well. 

These tried and tested formulae have now been used to prepare the PMS Roll-on, Period Massage Oil and a Navel Infuser that help in curing menstrual cramps, infections and stomach pains so prevalent during menstruation.



Jojoba oils.

Mediterranean herbs like Clary Sage, Starflower and Lavender.

The herbs and the oil are infused to bring for you a Roll-on that provides relief from menstrual and pre-menstrual symptoms like breast tenderness, stomach cramps, unexpected menstrual flow, and irritability. 

Using the roll-on regularly brings relief from these symptoms and helps you stay calm and peaceful.


The Roll On is priced at Rs. 299/- for 10 ml



Oiling the belly button has for years been considered beneficial. The belly button connects to all the veins that lead to different parts of our body. Often, because of the dryness of the veins, we experience various health problems. Applying oil to the belly button helps rejuvenate the veins and this, in turn, improves our health.

Applying the Navel Infuser to the belly button balances the nabhi chakra.  This gives us a sense of satisfaction and contentment. It also gives the chakra swadhisthana a source of energy and imagination.


The Navel infuser is priced at Rs. 140/- for a 20 gms tub.




Cold pressed sesame seeds

Essential oils.

Regular massaging with this special oil brings relief from menstrual cramps and anxiety. 

It also helps strengthen and improve bone quality. 


The Period Massage oil is priced at Rs. 400/- per 100 ml.


Going for regular walks either in the mornings or evenings will help reduce not only pain in the back and legs during periods, but also improve your bone health.

SImple yoga asanas also help relax the tired body and help alleviate backache and pain in the legs.

Using the Roll On along with hot compress soothes your tired body and helps relax and sleep better.

The Period Massage Oil will make sure your bones stay in good health!

With such wonderful wellness products specially made for use before and during periods, managing our health becomes a lot easier, isn’t it?