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Our beauty products are often a bane for our skin. The chemicals used to prepare them, ruin not just our skin, but also our health.

However much the manufacturing companies might claim about their products being natural, they do use chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils leaving the skin dry and dull.

The Period Hub uses only natural ingredients to make soaps and Intimate wash that takes good care of the skin.

With no harmful Parabens and Sulphates used in preparing these soaps, you can rest assured that your skin is in good hands!

These hand-blended artisan soaps cater to all skin types and promise a problem-free skin on regular use.




Cleopatra used goat’s milk for preserving her beautiful skin. Considering that milk contains selenium which fights skin cancer and alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which helps remove dead skin cells, it’s no surprise she (apparently) could flaunt her beautiful skin!

Charcoal makes the skin firmer, reduces pore size and keeps acne at bay. 

A combination of these two ingredients gives you a soap that looks after your skin’s health and ensures it stays ageless!



Lemongrass is the toner that we need to close the pores on our skin. It also reduces wrinkles and pimples and helps give relief from stress. 

Honey is the moisturizer that Mother Nature has blessed us with. It keeps the skin from getting dry. A combination of lemon grass and honey gives you a soap that tones and clears the skin complexion and fights bacteria.



Since hundreds of years, Neem has been used in Ayurveda for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus has analgesic properties, as it helps relieve muscle pain and soreness. 

A combination of these two to create the perfect soap for those days when the body feels tired and sore makes for the perfect skincare routine!



Today, the market has introduced period products that talk about intimate hygiene. Using soap and water to wash our intimate parts is not enough. Moreover, soap can rob the skin of moisture, and is not prepared to take care of the special needs of our intimate areas. Also, most of those products are prepared using chemicals that can again harm the skin that needs gentle handling.

The Period wash by The Period Hub is specially formulated keeping the delicate nature of our intimate area in mind. Ensuring that the natural bacteria in the intimate areas do not get disturbed requires special ingredients that maintain the bacteria.

The Period wash is made using 5 ingredients with double distilled water to make sure your intimate area stays safe and healthy. 


White wine vinegar to restore the Ph balance,

Alum for genital tightening,

Glycerine  that acts as a conditioner,

Aloe vera for its healing properties,

Rose essential oil to keep Urinary Tract Infection at bay.


All of these ingredients together give you an Intimate wash that you can use on an everyday basis for good vaginal care.