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What’s that one food item that promises to make you feel better during your Periods, but you fear to reach for it because of its calorie content?

Chocolates, desserts, pizza, pasta, and spicy food are what usually women crave during PMS. And, these cravings can be pretty strong. 

However, because of the fear of putting on the kilos, they push themselves away from these sources of happiness. Sad, indeed, because during your periods you ought to do everything to keep yourself happy!

Help is at hand, though, with the guilt-free goodies that The Period Hub brings for you in the form of chocolates, cookies, brownies, and cake. All of these are crafted especially for you, keeping in mind your cravings and also your fear of calories.



These Til Nutties are prepared using Til, or sesame seeds, jaggery (instead of sugar), dark chocolate and nuts like peanuts and almonds. 

Rich in magnesium, these fill up your hungry belly and ensure a sound sleep thus improving your mood, too.



A handful of almonds are packed with loads of nutrients that are beneficial for your heart, brain, skin, eyes, mind…in fact, the entire body! 

The Vitamin E, fiber, proteins, magnesium, and manganese keep you charged throughout the day and help you sail through those tough few days.



A cake that consists of no refined flour (maida), eggs, refined sugar, and no animal by-products is the cake that you can relish without an iota of guilt. Well, that’s the kind of cake we have made especially for you. 



Foods that make you happy are those that increase the serotonin levels in your body. The brownies we have created for you are the ones that make sure you don’t worry about your health as you munch on them.

These snack-time brownies are packed with Vitamin E and minerals that drive away the nasty period blues.


So, now on, whenever you feel like grabbing a bar of chocolate during your periods and your guilt holds you back, defy your guilt and indulge yourself. For, these sin foods are not full of sin, but ingredients that look after your health and fulfill your desires.


Go ahead and make yourself happy!